Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine

Complicated Part, Deep Groove Part, Aluminum
Radiators, Vehicle Modifications, Water Heater
Tank etc...

Product Details:
Manual Coating Gun, Automatic Coating Gun,
Vibration Powder Supply Manual Coating Gun,
Enamel Coating Gun, MDF Coating Gun

Powder Coating Booth/Reciprocator

Product Details:
Cyclone recovery system, Easy Color Change,
Powder Saving, Isolated LED Lighting,
Easy Access for Maintenance

Electrical Cabinet, Fire Extinguisher, Industrial Shelf,
Water Meter, LED Radiator, Air Conditioner
Housing etc…

Powder Coating Oven

Product Details:
Automatic Curing Timing Control,
Energy Saving, Space Saving, Air Curtain

Security Door, Fire Proof Door, Bridge-Cut Aluminum
Alloy Door & Window, Kitchen Appliances etc…

Automatic Powder Coating Line

Product Details:
Fully Automatic, Spray Pretreatment, Drying,
Automatic Coating, Automatic Curing Tunnel.

Water Meter, Car Wheel, Auto Parts, Electrical Cabinet,
Purlin Profile, Communication Radiator

Vertical Powder Coating Line for Aluminum Profile

Product Details:
High Efficiency Line, Save Energy, Save Space,
Save Space, Fully Automatic Line,
High Quality Coating

Aluminum Profile, Aluminum Extrusion

MDF Powder Coating Line

Product Details:
Patented MDF Powder Coating Gun,
High Technology Curing Oven, Best
Coating Finish

MDF Door, MDF Material, MDF Bed,
MDF Children Study Table, MDF Play
Table etc...

Enamel Powder Coating Line for Super Long Steel Pipe--12.5meters long

Product Details:
Patented Enamel Powder Coating Gun,
World No.1 Super Long Steel
Pipe Coating Line

Super Long Steel Pipe Enameling
5meters, 10meters, 12.5meters...

BBQ Oven Enamel Powder Coating Line

Product Details:
Patented Enamel Powder Coating Gun,
High Efficiency Line, Fully Automatic Line

BBQ Oven, BBQ Grille, Baked Oven,
Stove Support, Integrated Cooker etc…

Company Profile


Qingdao JOBON Science & Tech Development Co., Ltd. is registered in 2005. The company has two worldwide brands: PENTOO, JOBON. Our JOBON company has been dedicated to the powder coating field all the years till now. It has more than 80 employees, amongst there are 8 R&D engineers, 8 QC engineers, 5 sales and 40 more workers.

The company was listed on the New Fourth Board in 2018 with the equity code of 801873.

During the company developing years, the company has devoted to research and design. It has been the leading company in powder coating equipment area, especially powder coating guns. The powder coating gun S10 performance can compete and even exceed the other worldwide very famous brands, with 3 invention patents and 2 utility patents.

The company is also the leading company in Enamel Powder Coating area. Company’s CEO Peter Pan has launched a speech for Research of Extra-Long Steel Pipe Enameling in 24th International Enamellers Congress in 2018 Chicago, USA. Now the company is the associate member of China Enamel Industry Association.

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